Cloe’s Corner is a coworking space and social club invested in the development and growth of your brand. With carefully curated seminars,workshops and networking events, our space provides the ideal environment for the freelance entrepreneurial and remote worker to thrive. We equip our members with the tools necessary to succeed in an ever changing world and provide access to a like minded community to offer support, inspiration and growth. As a member of our exclusive Brooklyn, New York, location you not only gain access to our amazing community and educational tools but the content creation equipment to stand out amongst your peers and let your business blossom.


“It was clear that in New York, Brooklyn in particular, there was a need for more spaces to learn, grow and connect.”- Cloé Luv, Founder of Cloé's Corner

Our Goals 

To assist freelance creatives and entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and techniques to develop and build their brand. We want to help take your ideas from concept to reality while providing a thriving community of like minded business professionals. 

Why Cloe's Corner? 

At Cloé’s Corner, you are the heart of our every operation. Unlike other coworking spaces, we not only provide an environment to utilize as you grow your business, we hand select guest speakers and curate specific workshops designed to assist your every need. From content creation and branding seminars to our business center, you'll receive help on everything from registering your business, designing and launching your website and monetization to ad campaigns and meeting strategy. You will be able to take your ideas from concept to reality all amongst a community geared in assisting you reach your goals. In addition to our business development programs, we will also offer mindset, meditation and mental health courses so you can take care of your mind, body and business in synchronicity.

Whom Do We Cater To? 

Whether it be a simple concept or developed brand, we are here to assist the freelance entrepreneurs and creatives in all their business related needs. All are welcome here at Cloé’s Corner and our community provides the necessary tools for the passionate professional to thrive and succeed. Cloé’s Corner is the ideal place for you to build your brand and create the life you want today! 

Our Values 

Here at Cloé’s Corner, the freelance entrepreneur and creative is the forefront of our community. We have laid the foundation of our core values to abide by: 

● Provide our members with high quality resources 

● Respect the community you help to build by being honest, genuine and sincere to our members 

● Keep a professional and inviting environment 

● Maintain a strong sense of community and keep our members motivated

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